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Based in East Kilbride, Lanarkshire

Supplying Coffee Machines, Coffee, Teas and Condements


Coffee Supplies

R & R Coffee Supplies has years of experience in the coffee industry.  It specialises in providing the freshest coffee blends from around the world and roasted in Italian style along with machines which are supplied to a diverse range of customers throughout Scotland from hotels and restaurants to offices and sports venues.  The company and its engineers are based in Glasgow however the extensive service network allows coverage to the whole of the U.K. including the Highland and Islands.

The business delivers an extensive range of coffee machines ranging from traditional Barista machines to flexible high end Bean 2 Cup that produces top quality coffee.  R & R Coffee product range is suited to many types of locations and applications.  The wide range of coffees supplied are exquisite and the customer can even have a blend roasted right here in the U.K.  A selection of Fairtrade coffees are also available.

Group Machine

The Bambino is a top quality 1 or 2 group espresso coffee machine with semi-automatic or electronic options and is exceptional value for money. It provides an excellent opportunity for bespoke branding, from the UK’s only manufacturer of espresso and cappuccino coffee machines.

Bean to Cup

Provided with 3 canisters (one of which for the beans) for coffee, espresso, cappuccino, chocolate, coffee with milk, Wiener melange, espreschoc and hot water. With selection key for adding milk to the coffee. For locations with water connection.


Quick filter machine for locations without water connection. The Novo machine will be supplied with one glass decanter of 1.7 litres. Delicious fresh filter coffee.

Enquire Here

If you would like to discuss the machines, coffee or tea we can supply, please call us on 07812 499 175 or click here to complete our contact form.